5 Simple Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Maintaining an air conditioner is essential to have it in proper working order especially when it is working hard usually during summer or winter. Keeping it maintained ensures that it brings in clean air to the house and keeps the costs down. When not properly maintained the air conditioner will be doing more work than it is supposed to thereby costing you more in electricity bills. Here are some 5 simple maintenance tips to keep your air conditioner in top condition throughout the entire year.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter
Cleaning or replacing the air filter is one of the most important and regular maintenance for your air conditioner. The air filter as the name suggests filters air in the air conditioner of dust and other small particles that might affect the air quality in the house. It therefore needs to be kept clean all the time. It should be changed or cleaned every month during the high use seasons like in winter and summer. If not kept clean the, air filter becomes clogged with dirt and allergens spoiling the air quality in your home and also decreasing the air flow so that the system has to work harder than it should which means the power bills increase.

Clean outside the unit
You should ensure that the unit outside is cleaned regularly to remove debris like leaves, twigs, soil and other things that could accumulate there over time. Ensure that bushes near the outside unit are trimmed also. To clean this unit, cut the power to the unit first and then you can use a garden hose to remove the debris starting from the top all the way down.

Check the Thermostat
The thermostat is an essential part of your air conditioner because it allows you to be able to regulate the temperature of the house and even program the temperature as required keeping the costs of running the air conditioner down. Ensure that the thermostat is always in excellent working order and if you have the old mechanical types you might want to upgrade to a programmable thermostat.

Examine the wiring and electrical parts
Ensure that the air conditioner is disconnected from power. Then open the panel to the condensing unit and check the inside wiring for any signs of burnt wires or melted insulation and other such like problems. Check the wiring connections on the unit to ensure that they are tight and no signs of loose or chipped wires. Ensure also that you look at the contactor switch to ensure there isnt any sort of chipping that has occurred.

Check the condenser fan
Check the fan in the condenser unit to ensure that it is not broken. If the blades have signs of ageing then have them replaced and also if you have an old system the motor for the fan might need to be oiled for proper movement.

If you are not up to the task, you can always look for the services of a professional to help you maintain your air conditioner unit.