Alternative To Hot Water Extraction When Cleaning Carpets

Here are the alternatives to cleaning carpets if you decide not to use the most popular type Hot Water Extraction

1. Dry Carpet Cleaning:

As the name suggests, it doesnt require water for the purpose of cleaning. It is also known as compound cleaning. This technique has attained wide popularity among carpet manufacturers due to its pace and efficiency. The dry cleaning technique is new compared to the other traditional wet carpet cleaning methodologies. It involves spreading a cleaning powder or absorbent over the carpet with machine fitted counter-rotating brushes. This, in turn, opens the carpet fibre and let the absorbent settle inside. The powder absorbs and binds with the dust particles in the carpet, which can be vacuumed up. The cleaning agents used are biodegradable. They function as micro-sponges which absorbs the dissolved dirt.

Time taken to clean: The technique is relatively quick. It takes about 20 minutes before the carpet can be back in use. As the cleaning powder used is biodegradable, the technique best suits cleaning carpets in the home. Also, commercial centers and offices opt for this technique as their functioning need not be interrupted during the process of cleaning.

Mites removal: The technique is 100% effective in removing dust mites. You dont need to hire professionals to dry clean your carpet.

2. Encapsulation:
The encapsulation technique is similar to that of dry cleaning. It is one of the new carpet cleaning methods available. It involves spreading chemicals that have both the crystallization and cleaning agents over the carpet. When agitated by rotating brushes, the cleaning agents suspends the dirt and debris. The crystallization agent encapsulates the debris, which can be vacuumed away immediately.

Time taken to clean: It takes just a few minutes to clean the carpet using this technique. This technique is suitable for both residential and commercial carpets.

Mites removal: Encapsulation is effective in removing mites, dirt, and soil from the carpet fibres. However, heavily soiled carpets cannot be cleaned well-using encapsulation technique.

3. Carpet Shampooing:
It is the oldest available technique in the history of carpet cleaning. It entails spreading shampoo over the carpet using a rotating brush, which is followed by scrubbing. It results in the formation of foam which encompasses dirt and mites. After a short dwell of time, say 1 hour, the foam is vacuumed. The rotating brushes provide good agitation. As a result of which, effective cleaning is achieved.

Time taken to clean: Dry carpet cleaning takes a minimum of 1 hour. The method is fast, cheap, simple and doesnt need expert help. You can clean the dirty rugs and carpets in your home without much strain using this technique.

Mites removal: Good in removing soil particles and dirt from the carpet. Shampooing followed by dry vacuuming doesnt kill dust mites. Instead, steam cleaning effectively picks up mites. This technique is not suitable for high-pile carpeting.

4. Bonnet Cleaning:
Here, in this technique, the cleaning agent is mixed with carbonated water and sprayed over the carpet. A circular rotating buffer called bonnet runs over the carpet. The absorbent present in the bonnet withdraws all the dirt and debris from the carpet.

Time taken to clean: The Bonnet Cleaning technique is swift and the device is easy to operate. The drying time is fast and the technique is great for spot cleaning.

Mites removal: Good in removing dirt and mites as well. This cleaning method is mostly used in hotels than in houses.
Carpet cleaning is one of the difficult chores in the house. A regular carpet cleaning schedule is the best way to keep your home free of mites, allergens, and dust. All the best with your efforts.

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