Benefits Of Using Ordnance Survey Maps For Planning Applications

If you want to register land in your name or want any kind of planning permission, you are required to submit a map along with the application. These are known as planning application maps and one of the best providers of such planning application maps is Ordnance Survey. They are a government-owned organisation. There was a time when they were known for only paper maps but over the years, they have expanded to provide a wide variety of services related to survey maps.

One of the biggest advantages of using their maps for planning applications is that their geographical data is extremely accurate. Their accuracy can be gauged from the fact that they have mapped every single physical object in the country to an accuracy of 1 m. This is possible due to the team of 300 surveyors in the organisation who keep working round the clock in order to continuously update their master database.

They also own two aircraft that are used to produce more than 10,000 updates each day to the system. To give you an idea of the work done by them, their master database is updated seven times every single minute, every day of the year. In other words, any changes are immediately visible in their master database and this is the reason, their database is considered extremely accurate and it makes sense for anyone to use their database to produce the desired maps.

Any time you use an online search engine or a satellite navigation device in Great Britain, you are using the maps generated with the help of data generated by this excellent organisation. Due to this high accuracy, their maps are used by a variety of businesses as well as other government organisations. Their geographical database is so big that it includes more than 460 million individual features that includes over 27 million residential addresses and more than 35 million buildings overall.

When you seek any kind of planning permissions from the relevant authorities, it is important to present an accurate map. There is no other agency or organisation that updates their geographical data as frequently as done by Ordinance Survey and this is the reason it’s better to use their maps for all kinds of planning applications. In fact, the data generated by this organisation is also used by insurance companies to do more accurate calculations for premiums. It helps in keeping the cost of premiums down. This data is also used by delivery companies to deliver goods on time.

They also have a number of partners that use their data to provide better services to consumers and overall business market and you can get your planning application maps here. This data also becomes extremely important in times of disaster or catastrophe as accurate mapping is crucial to provide the necessary help at the right location and their accurate geographic data helps volunteers and other organisations provide the much-needed help to people in distress.

Overall, these are some of the many advantages of the geographical data generated by Ordnance Survey. If you are planning to apply for any kind of planning application and require accurate maps, you can get the desired maps at an affordable price from their website. In addition, they also have a number of partners who provide maps and other data at an affordable price. You can get the list of these partners from their website.