Carpet Cleaning Guide

A well maintained and cleaned carpet does not only enhance your home’s appearance but also doubles its lifespan. It is vital to learn the best strategies for keeping your carpet clean and new for many years. Here are a few:

DIY vs Professionals?

The first major decision you will have to make is to choose between going DIY or hiring a professional. Well, people have different needs and the decision may depend on your schedule or budget. However, you could combine these two and opt for a professional after the carpet reaches a certain age, say a year or so. If you stay too long waiting for a professional cleaning, dirt particles might accumulate and discolor your carpet to the extent that even the best cleaning cannot reinstate its previous fresh look.

Banish Dirt Completely

Dirt is your carpets biggest enemy. It can be compared to several small blades that cut off the carpet fibers, something that is increased with the amount of activity on the carpet. This explains why areas that experience high traffic appear duller than the rest. You should ensure your carpet is free from dirt all the time by vacuuming the high traffic areas regularly ⦠twice a week at a minimum. Always use the right vacuum and replace the filters regularly since they get clogged by dirt particles over time. It is helpful to buy a few walk-off mats that keep the dirt from peopleâs shoes before they step on the carpet.

Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Pro

It is advisable to have a professional clean your carpet thoroughly once in a while. This is because regular day-to-day cleaning might not clean out all the dirt, and the specialized machines these professionals have should do a better job. Take your time and find a reliable professional in your area who will offer you fantastic services at the right price. More great tips for hiring the right carpet cleaning professional can be found at The best experts will charge according to the services provided and if you do your regular cleaning right, their work will be limited to general cleaning.

Deal With Stains Promptly

It is hard to avoid stains, and you need to be vigilant when dealing with them. There is a high likelihood that you can clean most stains on your carpet, but you need to know what to use. The longer stains get into your carpet fabric, the harder it will be to remove them. The first thing you can use to clean stains is water and a cloth. If water cannot remove the stain, a Google search on the web will often yield the most preferred solutions for cleaning similar stains. You should not rub against the stains as this may damage the carpet fiber. Some of the conventional cleaning solutions at home include vinegar, club soda and salt.

DIY Tips

Since hiring a professional carpet cleaner might be a bit costly, it is common to see some people buying or renting the DIY carpet cleaners. You cannot clean your carpet better than a pro, but doing a good job is not out of the picture if you get some things right. First, do not wait for the rug to get extremely dirty before cleaning it. It is better to schedule when to clean it rather than waiting for it to become dull, as this can reduce its lifespan. Remember to vacuum your carpet before cleaning it and treat the areas with high traffic differently. Do not pour a lot of water on your carpet thinking it will clean it better, as some typical DIY machines won’t have the required suction to extract excess moisture from the carpet. Lastly, ensure your rug dries completely since moisture might trigger the growth of mold and bring odors.

Hopefully this carpet cleaning guide has given you some useful insight on what to do to maintain your carpet. If you get your cleaning right, you can be sure to see your rug stay fresh for many years. For even more great carpet cleaning advice, check out the article, “What you should look for in a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company.”