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Do Cleaning Chemicals Pose A Health Threat?

Others try to mask this information by including vague words such as "biodegradable." According to, as a smart homeowner, what you need to do is look out for signal wordsThe most popular examples include the words danger, caution and warningIn most cases, cleaning products with these signal words pose a serious health riskThose that come with a "poison" label are the most dangerous, so be sure to steer clear of those. Also, you might want to keep an eye on products that come with warnings such as "flammable" and "may cause skin irritation." Use these products with caution to keep risks to a minimumIn most cases, cleaning solutions come with prescribed instructionsMake sure to follow to the letter so you can use the products safely.

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A Few Key Points About Chimney Cleaning That You Need To Keep In Mind

The majority of the sweeps suggests that you should clean the chimneys, once a year, at least. The fact is that for wood fires, the cleaning needs can go to the extent of once in a quarter. On the other hand, the chimney cleaning for coal fire should be made once a quarter. However, you can certainly shorten the intervals for cleaning the chimney that would keep the chimneys in the perfect working stage.

What sort of Sweep should you opt for?

The mistake that the majority of the users make is that they pick the sweep of the chimney without getting into much consideration, or they just pick the most inexpensive ones, without considering the quality of the product.

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