Do Your Trees Have Termites?

If left to their own devices, the termites you find in the trees in your garden can prove very destructive. But having said that they can prove of benefit to your garden as they are great at recycling. They help to deal with any dead stumps or trees that you’ve failed to remove from your garden. However, you must keep the termites from being able to infect other trees in your garden. If they have the opportunity to infest other trees, it could lead to a great deal more damage. Over time, the tree will become unstable and eventually could fall over.

So how do you identify that your trees have termites?

Several different signs will be left by these pesky critters that indicate that your trees have termites. As soon as you notice such signs, you must carry out the necessary work to prevent the problem from becoming much greater.

Common Symptoms There Are Termites In Your Trees

1 – You need to take a very close look at the base of any trees in your garden.

Are there any wood shavings or termite wings located around it? If so, this is a clear sign that the tree has become infested with termites.

2 – Next you need to take a close look at the bark on your trees.

Can you see any tubes that are made from mud? If so this is another sign as it clearly shows that termites have created these to prevent them from being exposed to the elements. Yet they still allow enough moisture into the areas where they live which they need to thrive.

3 – Another way of telling if there are termites in your trees is to dig around the base of them.

You need a small shovel so that you can dig around the roots of the tree. As well as living in the trees the termites also like to live in the soil just below the top of the surface of the soil.

Helpful Solutions To Treat Termite Infestation

Should you find that there are termites in the trees in your garden you need to rectify the problem as soon as possible? The first thing is you need to locate where the termites are coming from. Once you’ve done this you can then move on to destroy the colony. After you’ve destroyed the colony you then need to remove the diseased or dead parts of the trees. Once removed you need to burn them immediately. Also to prevent the colony of termites from being able to return you treat the soil around the tree with a pesticide. Then follow up with applying a chemical that blocks the termites from gaining entry to the trees once again.