Does Home Insurance Covers Moving.

Moving is hard and very stressful. You are exhausted and scared about the new location. However, one more thing scares us all. What is that you ask?
Well everything you own is in transit and you are worried if it will reach to your new house safely and what if an accident happens? You already paid so much; you do not want anything to broken or stolen. That is where it hit most people to think about whether or not home insurance covers their move. Well it is not the answer that will make you happy .Because most of the companies do not offer any policies that cover your move. Homeowners and renters policies do cover any damage to your goods while they are in your house. Same goes for disaster insurance in case of flood, storm or earthquake .But there are no policies, which cover your move, or any damage to your belongings.

Professional removal companies

Well some policies do cover your move but only if you hire recommended professional removal companies
. If you do, so your homeowner policy will cover a situation like boxes being stolen off the truck during the transit of your belongings. However, it will not necessarily cover any damage done during the moving process by a mover to any item. In addition, any claim made on your homeowner policy will mean forking out your deductible before your insurance provider covers the rest.
To bridge this gap, many moving companies will offer basic insurance coverage. Typically, coverage limits are based on the weight of your items, so a moving company may offer 0.20 pounds per kilogram for inter-city moves and 0.40 per kilogram for another city .But one good news is if you need to make a claim because an item was damaged or broken, you will not have to pay a deductible and it wont be considered a claim against your homeowner insurance policy history.

Some companies cover your stuff while you are moving by contents insurance, if you are putting your stuff in a storage facility .Usually it is for few days. You should check with your agent about this and if your policy does not cover this, add specific storage insurance.
Catastrophic damage
Many home insurance companies do not cover any damage to your belongings while in transit but they do provide coverage if some catastrophic damage happens to your those things .So in simple words they will only cover you if the truck loaded with your goods got on fire or may be drove right into some lake. Otherwise, you are on your own.

Your limits

You should look into your coverage policy details, specifics, some policies have limits for certain goods like jewelry, and in some policies coverage will decrease when the item is away from home. Most likely, you already have supplement insurance for your high value items, which will help you make sure that there will be proper coverage during the move.