How To Clean And Look After A Bamboo Floor

If you own bamboo flooring or if you ever have then you have the knowledge that cleaning this type of floor can be a little tricky. Bamboo flooring is extremely strong and versatile never mind the fact that it is extremely pretty to look at. There are also many different kinds of styles and finishes that are available so it definitely is one of the more popular floor types. However, because it is so unique it also means it comes with some cleaning challenges. It is also very prone to things like dents scratches and footmarks.

Before you attempt to get down and dirty and clean your bamboo floor it’s very important to find out exactly what type of bamboo floor you actually have. Some of the things to look out for are it’s a specific type of construction and the actual type of finish that the bamboo has. Each different type of bamboo flooring has its own special way that it should be cleaned. As an example, horizontal or vertical types of bamboo floors whether they are engineered or solid tend to be softer and these types always dent much more easily.

Before we start cleaning a bamboo floor the first thing we need to do is to take care to protect the bamboo floor from all chairs and sofas that might end up scratching the floor. Apply special pieces of felt to the bottoms of all furniture. By doing this you will reduce the number of scratches that can happen on your bamboo floor. You can even use pieces of rubber instead of felt if you cannot find any. An important tip to remember is to consider using the mesh type of rubber shelf liner because this type of rubber will allow for air to get in between the floor and the actual piece of furniture in order to allow moisture to evaporate and not become trapped, thus damaging the floor.

Stay away from vacuum cleaners if possible. These will only damage your bamboo floor. Instead, use flat microfiber dust mops like these at, which are specially designed for bamboo floors. Always start by dry mopping first so that you make sure you remove any dust that might be present on the floor. When it comes time to wet mop make sure that you do not put too much water on the bamboo floor because it is similar to all wood floors in that it does not like moisture. This is why a microfiber mop is the best type of mop to use on a bamboo floor because they do not require a bucket of water to clean.