How To Know When You Need A New Roof

Do you need a roofing replacement? Would you know if you did? In some cases, the indications can be pretty apparent– i.e., the ability to spot the Big Dipper from your attic– but in most situations, the warnings of worn out roof are more subtle.
Let’s have a look at what your roof may be trying to say to you.

Understanding Roofing Systems

Prior to calling a roofing contractor, ensure you know the lingo. Here are the elements of the entire roofing system:

– Deck: The wood, structural surface of the roofing system.
– Drip edge: Product affixed along the edge of the roof to guide water off the eaves.
– Underlayment: A barrier installed under the shingles to keep the deck dry.
– Flashing: Material attached to seal and safeguard joints, such as where the roof fulfills the chimney.
– Shingles: The outer layer of your roofing system, which repels water and safeguards the structure.
– Soffit: The underside of a roofing overhang.
– Fascia: The horizontal board on completion of your roofing’s rafters that may hold the seamless gutters.
– Vents: Features that allow air to get away the attic and keep your roofing dry.

6 signs you need a roofing replacement

Now that you understand what goes into your roof, watch out for these signs:

1. You have an old roof
The average asphalt shingle roof lasts about 12 to 15 years. Metal or tile roofs tend to have a longer life-span. If your roofing is nearing its typical replacement age, you ought to probably start thinking about your next roofing.

If previous roofing repairs were set up over the top of your existing roof, a practice called overlaying, you must absolutely think about a roofing system replacement. Overlaying is a quick fix that can conceal bigger roofing concerns beneath the shingle surface.

2. Curling or missing shingles are visible
Your roofing system is exposed to elements like rain, snow, and sun, triggering the components to wear down in time. This long-lasting beating from Nature can lead to broken, missing out on, buckling or curling shingles. Discovering debris– or granules– from your shingles in your gutter system is a telltale sign of roof decay. Any missing parts of your roofing makes your house susceptible to the components.

4. Ice damming
The appearance of ice dams (ridges of ice that form at your roof’s edge) most likely mean you have roofing ventilation problems.

When your roofing system is not appropriately aerated, heat from the attic can melt the snow on your roofing. This snow melt run down the edge of your roofing or into your gutters, where the cold air quickly makes the water freeze again. This ice dam causes the next wave of snow melt to backup and freeze as well.

The is what causes the dramatic icicles you in some cases see hanging from a home. The added ice pressure can pull apart your roofing, allowing the water backup to seep into the inner layers of your roofing system.

When water starts to soak those inner areas, it’s only a matter of time that you will need to get a new roof installed.

5. Discolored ceilings and walls
Have you discovered mysterious water spots on your ceilings, walls, or the exterior of your house? Do you hear a little dripping sound coming from your ceiling? You might have a leak in your roof. Check the insulation in your attic. If the insulation is soaked with water, that is a tell tale sign you have an issue.

Walking on your roofing is not safe and is not recommended! If you have ascended to the top of your home (again, not suggested) and found soft sections in your roofing, your roofing system likely has water damage and needs to be changed.

6. You have undesirable animal occupants in your house
Has a family of squirrels settled in your attic? It’s doubtful you let them in the front door, so it’s most likely you have a missing or decaying area in the eaves or a hole in another part of your roof. Animals like possums, raccoons, birds, and bats will look for any opportunity to nest in the comfort of your warm home and will take advantage of damage to your roofing. Hire an expert roofing contractor to examine your roof to figure out whether repair work or an overall replacement are required.

Tips to keep your roofing system in top shape

As soon as you you come to the conclusion that you are in need of a new roof, follow these steps to guarantee your roof replacement remains in good shape for as long as possible:

Get a warranty
When you purchase a guarantee, you’re not simply guaranteeing that future repairs are covered– you’re dedicating to a higher-quality roof.

Hire a tree cutter

Trim trees near your home so they do not become projectiles during a storm or superhighways for animals to access your roof.

Inspect your roof for damage after a storm

Don’t assume everything is OK after your neighborhood is blasted by snow, hail or wind.

Abide by the regards to your roofing service warranty

You spent for it! Ensure you follow the guidelines of the service warranty to make sure that it will be available to you when you need it.

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