Shed Kits 101: Diy Kit Sheds, Materials And Tools

DIY kit sheds are almost always cheaper than commercial ones. If youre careful enough, there should be next to no waste when you build them as well. These are just some reasons why youd want to build your kit shed from scratch, so were here to help you out.

DIY Shed Materials
Understanding your wants and needs is important in building your own kit shed. The materials youd be using would depend on these needs. There are four different types of materials that are commonly used for sheds:
Wood Wooden sheds are always the most expensive out of the other types of materials because they will require maintenance over the years. A wooden shed is usually the easiest one to match though since you can paint and repaint it every time you repaint your houses exterior.
Vinyl Vinyl sheds are good choices since they never really need maintenance. Vinyl is also a fire-resistant and durable material. Its not the cheapest option for a material, though.
Plastic Plastic sheds are the cheapest option. Most people dont have the option to use plastic for kit sheds that are built from scratch though. Plastic DIY kit sheds available on the market are the easiest to assemble.
Metal Metal sheds are possibly the most durable out of all the shed materials. However, youd want to make sure that the metal is coated to make sure that they dont rust and rot away. Theyre fireproof and weatherproof as well.

DIY Shed Tools
Aside from the main material needed to build your shed, there are other tools that you need to use.
1. Flooring You can choose from a wide array of materials when it comes to your sheds flooring. Most use concrete, though this isnt for mobile sheds. Plastic sheds usually use plastic floors. Others use plywood in exchange for real wood.
2. Paint Depending on the material used for the shed, you might need paint or some coating.
3. Tools Whatever the material, youre going to need a hammer, screwdrivers, level, measuring tape, and safety equipment. Most DIY shed kits will also require 3 or 4-inch nails or screws, 1.75-inch nails or screws, a handsaw, a utility knife, and a speed square.

DIY Shed Kits
Assembling DIY shed kits can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on your expertise. Dont sweat it if you cant complete the shed in a day! It also isnt a one-man job, so always welcome help if its offered.

DIY shed kits are always cheaper than having one built. You can just buy a kit and assemble it in your own yard. DIY kit sheds are very popular because they provide a storage solution that can last a lifetime. They can be used to store pretty much everything that can fit tools, bikes, boats, and many more. A good storage shed can also increase a propertys value. So, whether its a storage solution, an investment, or both, you can never go wrong with DIY shed kits.