Top 5 Drain Unblocking Methods

Food and foreign particles can block the kitchen sink and make it difficult for water to flow down the drain. A bathtub or walk-in shower drain can also accumulate hair and become clogged. Unclogging a drain should not be a challenging task; you only need a plunger and a few household products. Below are the top 5 drain unblocking methods every homeowner should know.

1: Use a plunger

Plunging a kitchen sink or bathtub drain can help to push down some of the particles that could be blocking it. It is often the first option to be considered by homeowners. It is also a natural method and does not introduce any potentially harmful chemicals into the drain. To use this method, pour some water in the sink or turn on the faucet until the water rises to a few inches. The water provides a better seal. Focus on pushing the water down the drain, not air. Use force to move the plunger up and down while maintaining the seal. You can continue plunging until you feel the clog has moved down further. Test the drain by turning on the faucet once more. It is advisable to use hot water after youâre done to clear out all the remnants.

2: Baking Soda and Vinegar

These are some of the most effective home-remedy cleaners you can use to unblock a clogged drain. These household products are commonly found in the kitchen. You can mix a 1/3 a cup of each before pouring the mixture down the drain to clear out the clog. Be ready to pour the mixture as soon as it starts fizzing because the process starts right away. Leave it for an hour or overnight to get the best results before flushing it using some hot water.

3: Use boiling water

This is another simple yet effective natural method you can consider before resorting to more rapid measures. Virtually everyone who has encountered a clogged drain has tried this method. The process involves boiling a kettle of water and pouring it down the drain in three stages or parts, allowing the hot water to run through the pipe and dissolve any grease and grime that may be obstructing the water path.

4: Wire hanger

Check your closet for an old wire hanger and use your pliers to straighten it out. Make a hook on one end of the wire and stick it into the hole of your shower drain. Rotate the wire as you push it down further while maintaining your grip on it. Fish out all the hair and gunk, but be careful to avoid pushing some debris further down the drain and creating a major clog. You should be ready with a paper towel and a trash bag to empty your gunk and hair. Repeat the process until you are certain youâve removed most of the gunk.

5: Salt and baking soda

Mix half a cup of each and pour the mixture down the drain. Give it 20 minutes before pouring hot water to clear the drain.

These are some of the natural methods to unblock a clogged drain. You should avoid chemical cleaners, as they pollute the environment and can pose a health hazard.