Common Types Of Damage That Can Occur To Your Roof

Most signs of damage to the roof of your home, are usually quite easy to spot. But there are occasions when you may not notice that damage has occurred. If the signs of damage to the roof on your home go unnoticed this can prove detrimental to the structural integrity of your home. The guide below helps to identify the common types of damage that can occur to your homes roof. To help prevent such damage from occurring it is a good idea that you inspect the roof every couple of years. This way you can identify any minor problems before they become much larger and more expensive to rectify. Find a local roofing contractor who you can trust to carry out such an inspection if you don’t feel you can yourself.

Common Types Of Roof Damage

1 – Damaged Roof Flashing

This is an integral part of every roof as is installed beneath the shingles on the roof as well as around chimneys, vents, and skylights. Most roof flashing is made up of either galvanized steel or aluminum and a layer of tar will be applied to it. If the flashing has come loose or the tar used to seal it can corrode which can lead to the roof becoming vulnerable. As well as the risk of water leaks appearing it can also make your roof more prone to being damaged when strong winds or gales occur.

2 – Wind Damage

Strong winds like those we have seen in recent years can cause a great deal of damage to the roof of your home. The problem is that this kind of damage can occur over time and will often go unnoticed. If there is damage to the flashing on your roof strong winds can result in tiles or roof shingles being torn off. This will leave areas of the roof exposed to the elements and lead to much greater damage to the exterior and interior of the roof.

3 – Roof Hall Damage

This is the most destructive kind of damage that can be caused to the roof of your home. It is also the most difficult for you to be able to identify from ground level. The common signs of such damage to your roof are broken or missing shingles, cracks or punctures to the roof, or granules missing from the roof shingles. If leftover time such damage to the roof of your home could lead to water being able to penetrate inside the roof space. Also, it could lead to tiles breaking or falling off that can cause injury to someone below.

4 – Water Damage

This damage is often caused because water has been able to penetrate the roof of your home. It tends to occur when tiles on the roof have become loose, or are missing. This damage can also be caused when the flashing has become deteriorated. If left unchecked not only can it affect the structural integrity of the roof of your home, but also cause mildew, mould, and most to form.

5 – Fungus Damage

If you live in a humid climate the risk of your homes roof being damaged by fungus is much higher. The areas of the roof most likely to be affected by such damage are those that are in the shade. So areas of the roof that have tree branches hanging above them. As well as causing water leaks, the fungus can affect the structural integrity of the roof on your home.