Laminate Flooring Ideas


Laminate flooring is a composite of synthesized flooring material laminated together. After that, photographic layer imprinted on top of the fused multilayers. The durable melamine plastic layer is used for the top surface of laminate floors.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing laminate flooring;

Laminate flooring is not only durable, but its versatility in designs and patterns make it an exceptional choice for flooring. Many textures and styles can be replicated over the multilayered flooring product to achieve different looks especially now with the incorporation of stone and marble pattern. There exists different patterns, thickness, colors and plank styles giving the homeowner various options to choose from.

The multilayers serve different purposes for the flooring, the wear layer which is primarily made of aluminum oxide is responsible for protecting the laminate floor from incidences such as surface burns, stains or fading. The second layer which is the design layer contains a high-resolution photograph of what the floor should look like and gives the floor the unique and different patterns. The appearance varies from the natural look of wood, stone to any geometric pattern. The core layer is a high-density board that protects the floor against moisture and hollows hence minimal or no warping. The black layer is responsible for balancing the level and also double up to protecting the floor from moisture.

Laminate flooring works well with high traffic areas especially in homes whereby there are pets and a lot of children. The laminate does not wear and tear as easily and also not susceptible to scratches and staining. Spaces like the living room, corridors, dining room and to some extent kitchen areas can have the laminate flooring installed.

Laminate flooring compared to interesting flooring ideas hardwood flooring and carpeting is way cheaper. Thus, you get to save a lot of money with this type of flooring installation in your house especially if it is meant to cover large areas. Laminate flooring is usually manufactured in thin slips, unlike tiles which have to be squared and cut, making it easier for a large space. You do not require multiple pieces compared to tiled floors.There exist a broad range of options when it comes to laminate flooring with different but affordable price ranges. This consequently simplifies the process of replacement as there is no need of worrying about extra charges.Aside from being quite affordable, laminate flooring is long lasting and can stay for up to 40 years without damage. Hence, the frequency of replacement is not rampant.