What To Look For In A Tree Removal Service

Although it may seem simple, Tree Service is highly technical and requires both training and experience to be done expertly, as well as reduce any risks involved. Tree removal can be hazardous especially if there are power lines, vehicles, homes, people, and even pets around. Instead of having the tree butchered, hiring an experienced arborist or a tree expert is the most recommended thing to do. These experts offer anything from stump removal, tree removal, tree cutting, grinding, and tree trimming services. A few crucial factors should, however, be considered when looking for a tree removal service. Some of these factors include:

1. Licensing and Insurance
As mentioned earlier, tree removal is a delicate and risky process that requires the right training and expertise. The company/contractor needs to be certified and licensed to operate within the area. Be sure to check the contractor’s license number to confirm its validity and authenticity. In addition to this, the contractor needs to be insured against possible injuries. The insurance policy also needs to cover everything within the contractor’s line of work. Ensuring the tree lopper or arborist insured reduces liability on your side.

2. Experience
Experience is crucial especially where expert service and safety is required. Training alone isn’t enough to make someone good at tree lopping and other related services. To be on the safe side, hire a tree arborist with at least two years of active involvement in tree care. It is with the several years of experience that one gets to learn the ropes on how to care for trees, including tree lopping and removal. Arborists are also a preferred option for many as they are better trained and more experienced on tree care than tree loppers.

3. Safety Gear and Equipment
Just because one has a chainsaw and an apron doesn’t mean he can do a good job. Many tree removal service providers invest in the best quality safety gear and equipment for their line of work. These include helmet, glasses, climbing ropes, saddle, mechanical ladder, and steel toe boots among others. Check to ensure the company or arborist has all the required equipment needed to make the removal process possible. Checking customer reviews, testimonials, and their website (if any) can help you determine or pick the right candidate for the job.

4. Contract and Pricing
Looking into two or three contractors should help you find a reputable tree lopper for the job. You’ll however need to research more about the company before using their service. Ask for an estimate from all potential service providers for comparison. It would also be wise to get everything in writing and ensure you understand all clauses before signing the contract. Although you may be inclined to hire the cheapest contractor available, it’s always wise to go for an affordable, well-trained, and experienced one. You can also negotiate the terms and pricing with the contractor before signing the contract.

You also ought to consider other factors such as their response time and extra services such as cleanup. Some companies will charge an additional fee for the cleanup exercise, while others will include it in their bundle.