Signs Your Tree May Be Dead

Choosing to get rid of a tree from your property could be a challenging decision to have to make. You want to make sure the tree is really a threat and needs to be eliminated.

Identifying a dead tree is a two-person job. You and your arborist both play an essential role in keeping your lawn safe from a dangerous tree.


Here’s what you can do: start by scratching a little piece of bark off of a couple of branches on the tree. If the layer beneath the bark is brown and dry, your tree could be in trouble. Continue to try to find other signs of a dead tree, consisting of:

Decay-producing fungus, such as mushrooms, growing at the base of the trunk
Chipped or peeling bark and fractures in the trunk
Cavities in the trunk or large scaffold branches
Dead or hanging branches in the upper crown
Fine twigs without living buds near the ends of branches

If you identify several of these symptoms, it’s time for an expert arborist to action in. Get in touch with one right away, and schedule a tree threat evaluation. A certified arborist can assist you choose if it’s time to eliminate your tree or if there’s an opportunity your prized plant can be saved.

Work With a Professional Tree Service Company or Do It Yourself?

When you work with an expert arborist, such as the ones on staff at Tree Service Fresno, a local tree service company in Fresno, CA, they’ll examine your tree, evaluate the need for removal and supply you with a quote.

Getting rid of a tree on your own can be very unsafe, specifically if you have to climb a ladder with troublesome tools to eliminate bulky branches. These are simply some of the dangers that occur with DIY tree removal.

A certified arborist who is accredited, insured and educated on how to remove a tree is without a doubt the best person for the job.


A dead tree may not “look” like a danger to your property. But once it’s determined that a tree is declining or no longer living, it’s a safety risk – even if it doesn’t have hanging branches or a leaning trunk to show for it.

Dead tree signs are subtle, but they ought to always be taken seriously. A dead tree presents a great threat to you and your home since it’s especially weak. It can lose branches or tip over in a storm and badly harm your home or property. The scariest part is that dead trees are completely unpredictable. There’s no chance to tell if a storm showing up next week or next year will lead them to their breaking point, or if they’ll come down on their own.

And that’s just one of the reasons to get rid of a dead tree. If an insect or disease prompted the tree’s health decline, it’s vital to remove it so neighboring trees aren’t at risk of infestation as well.

Safely removing a dead tree makes your and your landscape safe from these threats and creates space for you to bring new life to your landscape.